Anna (Belmonte) Hollingworth

Who I am

I am a writer. I make words obey me.

I got my degree in Professional Writing & Rhetoric from a small liberal arts university in southwestern Illinois. But most of my writing grit comes from trying new things, finding and taking opportunities, and applying a healthy dose of elbow grease.

You will not find me with a public profile on any social media platforms. For my mental health, I have very few social media accounts and use them to interact with close friends and family, as well as to manage my employers’ accounts.

You are more than welcome, however, to connect with me on LinkedIn and find me on Upwork.

I took the Content Marketing course on HubSpot Academy to sharpen my skills. It was a fantastic course for beginning to intermediate content creators/marketers.

What I do

I help small teams and nonprofits with their written word needs:

  • Content (blogs, email, newsletters, collateral)
  • Social media
  • Websites (landing pages, web copy)
  • Graphic design (print documents, infographics, social media)
  • Other writing (articles, press releases, grants)
  • Editing

What I love

  • First—and above all—I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. I hope the love and hope that I find in God pours out into all I do and everyone I encounter.
  • By extension, I love the Church. The Church is God’s prized people—very broken people, but aren’t we all?
  • I love my husband, family, and friends. We were made for close, meaningful relationships, and I know the more I prioritize the loved ones in my life, the more rich my life and theirs will become.
  • I love reading deep, insightful books. I read to develop my mind and heart and to deepen my engagement with the world around me.
  • I love simple pleasures—a cup of coffee, a long walk, an encouraging podcast, a FaceTime call with a friend.
  • I love my calico cat, Taiga. I know she uses me at times, but deep down she loves me, too.